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The Department of Archaeology, Ella Armitage Building, University of Sheffield

ARRaS comprises a team of  highly-qualified  specialists who are based within the University  of Sheffield. Using state-of-the-art  laboratory facilities, we analyse and contextualize  all types of material recovered from archaeological excavations.

ARRaS staff are also available to undertake archaeological surveys and other fieldwork.

 Archaeological Research Resources at Sheffield.

ARRaS is the archaeological and analytical services arm of the Department of Archaeology at the University of Sheffield. ARRaS comprises a team of highly-qualified and highly-experienced specialists who are available to undertake analysis of all types of archaeological material recovered from excavations. All analysis is conducted using state-of-the-art facilities, within dedicated laboratories at the University. 

In addition, ARRaS has a team of experienced professional archaeologists who are available to undertake geophysical surveys, watching briefs or desk-based assessments anywhere in the UK, and who can also hire out archaeological survey and excavation equipment.

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