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Dyfed Archaeological Trust excavations at St Patrick's Chape, Whitesands Bay

   St Patrick's Chapel   

The St Patrick’s Chapel Excavation Project, is a collaborative research project led by the Dyfed Archaeological Trust. Osteological and dietary/mobility stable isotope analysis of over two hundred well-preserved burials from this cemetery, which dates from the seventh to the ninth centuries AD, is being conducted by members of the ARRaS team. The project forms part of Ancient Connections, which is a heritage and arts initiative led by Pembrokeshire County Council in Wales, and Wexford County Council in Ireland.

   Stones of Stonehenge   

Stones of Stonehenge is a collaborative research project, led by UCL Institute of Archaeology, which is exploring the origin of the stones that were used to build Britain's best known archaeological monument. Ongoing research into plant remains recovered during fieldwork at Stonehenge, and at associated sites in southwest Wales, is being undertaken by analysts in the Sheffield Archaeobotany Consultancy, which is part of ARRaS.

SRP team.tif

   Woburn Abbey   

In 2021, The Jessop Consultancy undertook a programme of archaeological recording at at Woburn Abbey, Bedfordshire. Woburn Abbey is a Grade I listed building located within a Grade I registered park and garden . The extant buildings date to the second half of the 18th century, but were constructed over the remains of a former abbey, founded c.1145. During archaeological monitoring of external groundworks, a small assemblage of animal bone was recovered, along with a number of human burials. This material was analysed in the University of Sheffield's Human Osteology and Zooarchaeology laboratories, by experts working for ARRaS.

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