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 Human remains

Part of the human remains laboratory in the Department of Archaeology, University of Sheffield

ARRaS offers an efficient and professional service for the processing and analysis of archaeological human remains, including microscopy and dietary/mobility stable isotope analysis. Our experts can analyse material recovered from commercial excavations as well as research projects. We have been involved with a number of high-profile research excavations such as those at St Patrick's Chapel, Thornton Abbey and Scremby. We can also undertake forensic anthropology. 

We offer the following specialist services for the analysis of human remains -

  • On-site osteological advice/supervision

  • Skeletal and dental analysis

  • Recommendations for radiocarbon dating

  • Recommendations for suitable further analysis targeted at selected individuals

  • Stable isotope analysis

  • Sample preparation

  • Forensic analysis

  • Microscopy

  • Reports produced in accordance with national guidelines and to publication standard

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